Monday, October 17, 2011

they're baaaack!

So the students break is over! and I am very relieved, while a lot of work was done these past two weeks, working without crazy kids got a little dull.  There is no teacher for me yet, and for liability reasons I am not allowed in the classroom without a teacher. So this morning I had to leave 30 students to their own devices. scary! I'm hoping that this will encourage speeding up the process of hiring a new teacher. I still have 6th hour algebra (because by that time the sub has arrived) and I still have my senior class (college prep/post graduation prep.)
Talk has been that this winter will be the worst chicago has had in a long time, but talk has also been that people say that every year. Bottom line-it will get cold. I just need to mentally prepare myself, soon I will be arriving to work before the sun is up and leaving after the sun goes down and because there are no windows in our work room I will be living the life of a vampire.
Oh! almost forgot my team and I went to our students varsity football game on saturday and we kicked some tail! Final score was 64-21, a couple fights broke out (on the field only) ...but we won! and we had a great time, the parents got to see us rooting for their kids and that was pretty neat.  After that my teammate Kira had an engagement party for her roommate (who works at another school) It was pretty fancy, there was all sorts of cheeses and complicated appetizer type food, it was a really good time! I should really get to work now. Love to all!

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