Saturday, October 1, 2011

birthday post

greetings all! I received an email from my wonderful Ginther grandparents and they mentioned that my posts were discouraging. I'm sorry to hear that! For that is not at all my intent, yes many sad things are happening at the high school; especially the recent death of a student I don't believe I had the pleasure in meeting.
So for some good news, things are looking up at work! Rumor has it that the board may be coming closer to hiring a teacher for my classes, lets hope that's true! And I have made some wonderful connections with quite a few students, they seem to be realizing that I'm not doing this job for the money :) and that I am truly there for them and have their best interest at heart.
I'm learning a lot of new lingo such as-
tweekin' and/or trippin' (there is a slight difference between the two)- to be out of sorts or "loosing it"
drapin' - a girl who has very long hair is "drapin'"
sweatin'- to have someone pressuring you to get something done is to have them be "sweatin" you

There are definitely more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
Some students have been helping me keep the classes down to a dull roar; their tactics aren't the best but mostly affective. One girl in particular loves to yell at the class if they don't listen to me. I was walking the class down to the gym for an assembly and a student decided to slide down the railing and a security guard caught him and pulled him off. I said "what're you doin makin me look bad?" and this girl pushes the kid (lightly with one hand) and said "why would you do that to Mr. V? he's tryin his best and you go off and act a fool, makin it look like he can't do his job! what's wrong with you?" and the boy turned to me, embarrassed and apologized. I of course accepted and had to bite my tongue to avoid laughing!
I've never loved a job more than this one, but I think I might age a few years before it's over!
In Gods love!

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  1. you're awesome andy. i am going to bed right now, but i am planning to actually post soon and even more importantly, talk to you soon! i know you have busy weeks but let me know if there is a day we can talk otherwise maybe this next weekend. love you!