Thursday, October 6, 2011


I've been craving pizza a lot lately, don't know why. Even after eating pizza, the next day I want more. Maybe it's because I'm in Chicago and the standard for pizza seems to be pretty high. So last week I went to Mariano's (a grocery store about 3/4 a mile from my house). This place is amazing, the produce is fresh, the workers are wonderful, they have an amazing bakery and there is even a piano player who plays so you can listen to his jazzy/classical music instead of what most stores play on the radio. Anyway, their bakery makes everything...including pizza! On Thursdays they have a deal of one family sized pizza and a 2 liter pepsi for $10. So of course I went to get myself some homemade style pizza. I put in the order, the baker was about to start when she told me that it was wed. and the deal was on Thursday's only. So I canceled my order and went about my shopping. I told my roommate Zach about the pizza deal last night and we decided to go and try again. I put in the order and was once again told that it was wed. not thu. Two weeks in a row I made the exact same mistake! I must be tired :)
Now I'm going to be thinking about pizza all day, maybe I've made you crave it too, if so come visit me! I'll treat you to some real Chicago style deep dish at a place called Lou Malnati's. Hands down best deep dish ever, the restaurant got it's start in the 1940's, so it's pretty legit!


  1. The main reason I am commenting is not because I have anything insightful to say, but rather I hate, HATE seeing the thing say "1 comments" OH MY GOD how hard is it to program the thing to say "1 comment"???? Anyway, I will take you up on that deal. I'm not sure when.... It depends on when I can get some vacation time built up. Also, I met a dude from Chicago and he was asking where you live. I wasn't sure, I just said you work in a bad part of town so you probably live near there. Anyway, take care and good luck with your crazy kids!