Tuesday, October 18, 2011

best class ever.

So I was told something different yesterday about my being in classes. The school has until Wed. to find a teacher before my company will pull me from all teacher-less classes. So I went to my first hour math class dreading what was about to  happen, another day of uncontrollable students and me trying to just teach one student one thing.  About 15 min after the bell rang all the students were finally in their seats but they weren't being too loud. No sub. I felt uncomfortable being in there alone with nothing to work with; I was told if I ever felt uncomfortable and there was no other adult in the room I have every right to leave. So I announced to the class "due to liability reasons, I can't stay in here without a teacher".  "YES YOU CAN!" one girl yelled, "YA, DON'T LEAVE!" shouted another student. "okay", I said, but if I stay I need all of you to not talk when I'm talking and to stay in your seats"
The entire class agreed. I was stunned, I stood there a moment not sure what to do. The first time since I've been here I had a whole class sitting, quiet and looking at me (this isn't my class of 30, only 15, but still!) not only that they are all fully aware I'm not a teacher.
I pulled out a math book and started writing problems on the board, immediately students started yelling out what they thought the answer was. "no, we aren't doing that, one person at a time and no yelling" I said. And get this...they listened and obeyed. We went through about 10 problems on the board, many kids just sat quietly while about 3 told me the steps to each problem. Most were listening some were sleeping.
During this time the substitute came in and sat and watched me work, I was ok with that because I was on a roll! and so were the students. After awhile the sub was a bigger distraction than the students, he kept talking about what school was like when he attended. For about 20 min we got off track and had a class discussion about my organization and others. But it was a good talk and I don't expect many students are willing to do an entire hour and forty min. of math with no break.
Then I assigned some extra credit, about 15 math problems, I said as soon as we get a real teacher I'll be sure that whoever does the work will get credit for it. For the next half hour I made my rounds helping students with their work. It was like the way a classroom should be run, I was close to tears of joy by the end of it and thanked the class for being so amazing. Not a bad day.

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