Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

Here's the situation; my job makes me fat. After about a month, the pants that are a part of my uniform started getting tight around the waist. So I  figured I could either keep spending more money on pants every other month or get a real cheap gym membership at the YMCA (my job allows me to pay only $16 a month). So now my evenings are all booked, so trying to keep up with this blog has become more difficult (I'm also having a hard time finding time to type it up at work) but I will continue to do my best!
 As I've already mentioned I was taken out of my senior class and moved to another freshman class. The new freshman class is a special education class. All the students have a variety of learning disabilities, but none that you would notice until after you sit down and try to teach them something. This has brought a whole new challenge; I am not qualified to teach special ed. students, so I am going to have to come up with effective ways to tutor this class. The students definitely can't be taught the same and it takes a lot of patience.
Audra H! I don't know if you read this but if so I'd love to talk to you about it sometime, I don't think that the learning disabilities are the same as the students you work with but I'm sure you have a better insight on how to work with students who don't learn the same way.
Well that's about all I have, Happy Halloween everyone, have fun and stay safe. love ya


  1. Weird, they wouldn't let me comment unless I "followed" your blog. I commented on your "pizza!" entry, what gives? Anyway, I have a couple friends that could help you because they teach special ed kids. I know these kids aren't severely disabled or anything, but my friends might have some insight. One thing I know from my own teaching experience, is you have to keep these guys focused and you will need the patience of a saint! Good luck bro!

  2. hey beardy, I answered your question on the following blog "nothing to report" about where I live. As far as you coming to visit we do need to work that out! I'm going to assume you won't be able to until after christmas, I'll call or text to let you know. And thanks for the offer on special ed help, I'm sure I'll have questions soon.
    do you have a blog? if so i can't seem to get to it.

  3. oh, I live in roscoe village, near wriglyville