Monday, September 12, 2011

so it aint tuesday but...

Hello again, I'm at my school right now so I don't really have much time to blog but I feel like I'm always going to be behind on this thing until I get my own computer. Here is a quick summary of last week.
We went to the high school Tue. morning only to find out that we would not be allowed in the classes because about 10 teachers were being let go that day, here's why-
At the beginning of the year in CPS (Chicago public schools) the amount of teachers hired is based off of the number of students the previous year. If after 20 days there are too many teachers than they will fire the teachers with the least amount of experience. Here's the problem (other than firing a number of teachers); there have been a number of Charter schools built in the area so a lot of students are attending those schools instead. A charter school will accept any student, but they are also quick to kick a student out. A student can get kicked out for bad grades, low attendance, bad behavior etc. So within a few months more and more students will be joining our high school (my class has already gained 3 new students).
And the class I will be helping with, my personal favorite...algebra! I'm only in the class for the first hour and then I spend the rest of my school day preparing for my other job which I will get into later. Feel free to ask me questions, I forget what you all know and what you don't know. Love you all!

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