Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So yesterday we all left school early to listen to the CEO of our company, pretty inspiring stuff.  He is almost 50 and started the company when he was attending Yale. It was nice to see that even though he now has meetings at the white house and has started city year in other countries he is still down to earth and hasn't forgotten why he started the program in the first place, to lower the dropout rate of students.
My schedule has changed a bit, now I have algebra every morning at 1st hour and on B days (there are A and B days here, the schedule is a bit like college...but not really) I also have US history 4th and 5th hour and algebra again 6th hour.
It looks like I'm going to have algebra homework every night because I need a refresher on what I did way back in 2002, the good news is it seems a lot simpler than when I was a freshman in high school, but I still wouldn't say it comes easy to me by any means. (and I'm sure you all thought, like I did, that I would spend  my post school years running away from math) at least this way my brain won't shrivel to nothing! And I think the students like seeing me work hard to help them find the answers, because I don't know them either so we can work together on them. That's not to say the students all love me. I'll share stories soon enough, but now it's time for my second first high school US history class! God Bless and love to you all!

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