Tuesday, September 20, 2011

but it'll be fine...

came to my first hour class (freshman algebra)this morning and my teacher was late, I thought that was odd because he's normally on top of everything. He came in about 5 min. later and said he was no longer the sub, our high school had hired him on a day to day basis and after working with the students for over a month he now has to find other work. The students were just beginning to show signs that they would behave and be willing to somewhat participate in class.
So when they found out that he was gone I was left alone in the class for about 10 more min and I was able to calm them down for the most part. I wasn't about to try teaching a lesson because that could mess them up forever! Then a new teacher came in...also a substitute, he doesn't even know if he'll be here tomorrow, it might be another sub. There was no lesson plan for him to go off of so he just started teaching the FOIL method; a new concept to the students. They weren't having it, complete chaos for an hour and forty min. I tried to reason with some of the students who. over the past few days, started being respectful and doing their work. They are just as frustrated as I am. How are they supposed to learn anything if there is no structure? They have given up. They have decided that doing any work is hopeless because there is no teacher to grade their papers or keep a consistent curriculum.
If you could just sit in this class for a day you might understand how bleak the situation is.  Take any movie you've seen about a teacher coming into an urban school and trying to make a difference. This class is more out of sorts. more later, lots to do. God Bless! love you all!


  1. You should take over the class! It is true they need structure or there is no hope for learning. Has the principal gotten involved?

  2. Wow...now I really feel silly that I hadn't commented sooner. Sorry Andy! I just had been reading through my reader instead of actually going to your blog. Learning so much more about life outside of my bubble reading this! Thanks for sharing with us...hope to talk to you soon! well...i guess this means my blog i had been toying with is out! i don't know if i will actually start updating it or not but now you know it exists. :)

  3. Yay! thanks for the comments siblings! a part of me wishes I could take over the class but I can address that in my next post. I need to catch up with both of you so bad! I'm getting homesick just thinking about you guys. and I'll have to check out your blogs...doin it now!