Wednesday, May 16, 2012

here's something new

So this was a music video that my team made, the male voice is Mike who came up with the lyrics (this is a remake of a very inappropriate yet very popular song) the female voice is a student of ours.  Another teammate, Justin  and I recorded random happenings throughout the school and I downloaded it all on my computer and edited this little video together.  We showed it to the freshman class at an assembly we had and the kids loved it, made my day! I can't wait to watch this with you all so I can tell you about all the students in the video. As you can see many of the students are camera shy and try to act all cute...don't be fooled! :) no they are all wonderful and I can't believe its almost over.
Love you!

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  1. Love it, Andy. I sure can tell that you are going to miss those kids. What an experience you had these last 10 months!~Mom

    What? A video about working hard in school and going to college is a hit? Says a lot about the impact you guys have had on these kids. I am proud of you.~Dad