Monday, May 7, 2012

Great news all, I got the job at the YMCA as a Unit Leader! I don’t know all the specifics yet but my soon to be boss said that it’s much like a supervisor.  I have a meeting this weekend about what I want the summer program to look like (or at least I’ll have a chance to have some input) and I’ll learn more about what is expected of me.  The problem is I may not be able to make this first meeting because I have some prior obligations to my current job… oh whatever I’ll say the name there’s only three weeks left anyway, City Year. I work for City Year.
Speaking of City Year, after today I will have only 9 days left working in the school, it’s crazy to think about.  Some of the students are shutting down a little bit and others are becoming more attached, it really depends on the day.  I come into work either almost completely ignored or smothered by my kids.  I’m no longer walking around the class as much making sure the students are doing their work; they need to be able to do it without me.  If they want to come to me for questions, great, but babying them now will only hurt them more in the long run.  I’m ready for City Year to be over, I feel too old for this job.  City Year tries to treat 18 year olds and 24 year olds the same and it just doesn’t work.  What I’m not ready for is not coming back to Englewood. It’s really been almost 10 months…crazy…
Love you and God bless!

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