Tuesday, January 10, 2012

back to the grind

Well I’m back at school, last week was training (well retraining) and a retreat at a place called camp Duncan. It wasn’t half bad. I was a little disappointed because there is a lake and from what I hear most years its cold enough that they play broom ball; a game that is like hockey only you play with brooms.  However, this has been such a warm winter it wasn’t possible.
Some sad news, a sophomore was shot and killed over the break in a gang related shooting, I didn’t know the student but news like that is never very easy to take. Another student, who thinks I am cool, therefore he is one of my favorites, was dropped from school. So it seems I will never see him again.   I really did like this kid a lot and I know he’s affiliated with a gang so I’m pretty worried about so if you all could keep him in your prayers (and everyone here for that matter) it would be greatly appreciated.
Other than that it’s business as usual around here.  It’s almost like I never left only now I actually feel well rested, I hope that feeling lasts me a little while at least! I miss all of you back home, the visit I had was such a tease :)

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