Saturday, August 13, 2011

welcome family

Hey all! So I've been in Chicago for a couple of weeks, living in a one bedroom apartment that belongs to a guy named Spencer who I've never met. I am staying here with his friend Dan, a guy my age who is from Jackson, Michigan. Two other guys who don't know Spencer are staying here as well, Zach, a 20 year old from...I forget and Ron from Los Angeles CA. The good news is we are leaving for a 3 bedroom apt. in Roscoe Village in a few hours.
What am I doing in Chicago? Losing sleep for one thing, but having a great time! For the first time in a long time I feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be (well not Spencer's apt. but you know).  Orientation for the company I'll be working for,  started Aug. 1st; I get up at 6 am to watch power point presentation after power point presentation until about 5:45 and I get back home around 6:45/7 so finding the time to find an apt has been difficult to say the least! but it happened.
Orientation lasts until September 4th, on the 5th is when we go to our assigned schools. I guess some of you aren't sure of what it is I will be doing. I will work as a mentor/tutor to 7 students who are on the brink of failing. I just found out I will be working with 9th graders, the school is the worst academically that City Year works with. The statistics of how far behind the students are is appalling.
2.6% of the students meets or exceeds expectations in Reading
0.9% meets or exceeds expectations in math
0% meets or exceeds expectations in Science
Obviously this school is on probation, what that means is that if in a certain amount of time there is not improvement the entire school staff will be fired, including Principal's, teachers, lunchladys, janitors everyone. They will be able to apply for their job again. but most of the new teachers hired will be what they call AUSL teachers who have been trained specifically to work at such schools. After AUSL takes over the school is then called a "turn-around" school. Most of the schools my company works with have already been "turned-around".
I could go on for pages about all of the responsibilities I have but I'll tell you about them as I actually start doing them. This coming week all of us (the future tutors) will be going out to some cabins in some woods somewhere for team building (each school is assigned a team, my High School team consists of 8 not including the team leader who worked for this company in my position last year, I'm thinking of applying to be a team leader next year, but I've got plenty of time to think about it)
Anyway, Chicago is wonderful, I get to travel on the trains and buses for free so that's nice, no car worries here.
My roommates are finally ready to go, more to come, I love you all!

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